Andy is a qualified astrologer in the western tradition with The Mayo School of Astrology.
He gained his certificate and diploma with distinctions and honours.

At the heart of Andy's practice lies his conviction that astrology is based on the observation and study of nature, pure and simple; hence there is nothing really mysterious about it. Since ancient times, as the planets have travelled their cycles through the Zodiac, their various influences on this world and its inhabitants have been noted and recorded. Such documentations and understandings are the basis of this modern practice of astrology.


Andy is passionate about supporting others to realise their potential. He does this by offering consultations in the time honoured fashion of interpreting astrological charts, using them as maps to provide an overview of your nature, personality and character traits. This can help you develop an understanding of yourself, showing where your strengths lie and also offering insights into weaknesses, so that you can work towards optimising your potential. Andy is appreciated for the compassionate and empathetic approach that he brings to his consultations.

Astrological readings are recommended if you are facing changes in your life or are finding yourself at a crossroads. Readings can also shed light and clarity on life situations, events and relationships that may be confusing, obscure or troubling. Find the reading you need to suit your situation or question.

Andy offers astrological consultations on Skype to wherever you are in the world. He also has a comfortable consultation room in Frome, Somerset, UK. To arrange a consultation with Andy, or for any enquiries please get in touch.

Please note, when getting in touch with Andy remember to give him your birth time, date and place of birth. Being sure of your birth time can sometimes be difficult, but it is important for a more fuller and accurate reading.

If you have any specific questions or issues that you wish Andy to address please include any relevant information along with your birth details so that he can do the necessary preparation work. This will save time during the consultation.

  Andy is also an artist creating works in oil paint on canvas, sculpture cast in cement fondue or fibreglass and electronic media. See The Gallery